Localizing your Rails app

Do you have a Rails app that is used by people from all over the world who all speak different languages? Do you need your app to be displayed in the languages other than English that your users will understand? Do you need help with localizing, or better yet, translating your Rails application?

Look no further, I can help.

Most Rails applications start out targeting just one language. Since I'm from the United States, most apps that I've seen have been written with English speakers in mind. However, as your business grows, you may have found that you need to be able to provide versions of your app in different languages to users that speak languages other than English.

For technical details on how to implement and manage localizations in different languages in Rails applications, see an article that I wrote many years ago here.

Managing localization in Rails
In large applications, managing localization files can become a behemoth of a task, especially if you’re working with external translation teams who will be providing you with proper translations of YAML files (or XML, Ruby hash, files, etc.). Most Rails applications that have an international user base will have localization

Managing different languages in a Rails app is actually not a very complex task. However, it is a time consuming one that needs constant upkeep, requiring at least one developer and a team of professional translators.

We provide a one stop solution to translate your app into multiple languages with a simple pricing structure.

Flat fee of $10,000 USD + $2,000 per language. Post implementation, if you are interested in maintenance services (which includes adding new translations), the package will be $1000 + $200 (per language) per month.

Why is the pricing set like this? If you had originally started building your Rails app by writing the text within your views, we would need to assign a software developer to move that text into localization yaml files. That can actually be quite time consuming.

After that, we would need to bring in a team of professional translators to translate your original language into different languages, which can also be a time consuming task.

If you're ready to take your Rails app to the international stage by making it multi-lingual, email me at chris@typefast.co, and let's discuss how we can work together.