Improve your app test coverage


You have a Rails app running on production that your customers love. However, every time you write a new feature or deploy new code, your app breaks!

You want your customers to enjoy using your app without it breaking as you deliver them new features. How can you prevent your app from breaking all the time?

There are several safeguards that you can implement in your processes to prevent new bugs from sneaking in, but your first safeguard against bugs is a well designed automated test suite.

So what is an automated test suite? An automated test suite is code that runs to make sure your app does what it's supposed to do. Basically, it's your QA staff, but basically a robot QA that's been automated with code.

Nothing can replace manual QA done by a professional, but an automated test suite is still an invaluable tool to help you prevent bugs in your application. And even though thorough testing is part of the Rails community's culture, many Rails apps' test suites are severely lacking. If your app's test coverage is low, we can help increase your test coverage up to above 90%.

How we work:

  1. We first run your existing test coverage to make sure that your current test suite is passing. Oftentimes, Rails applications have a broken test suite. To begin improving your test suite, we must fix the existing test suite first.
  2. We install simplecov to get a gauge of your overall test coverage. With this tool, we can get a sense of how much of your application has automated tests covering it.
  3. We begin writing tests to cover parts of your application that has not been covered with automated tests. We rinse and repeat until we reach 90%+ test coverage.

During this process, we also help you set up an automated Continuous Integration tool to bake in automated testing into your overall workflow.

If you need help improving the stability of your Rails application with an automated test suite, get in touch at