Make your Rails app go fast

Do you have a successful business running on Ruby on Rails? My guess is that you built your app on Rails because you needed a productive web framework to get to market as fast as possible.

Rails is an amazing framework that helps developers to be insanely productive. However, it also comes with a caveat. If you aren't careful, you can quickly end up with apps that run slow.

There are multitudes of reasons why your Rails app might be slow, but the most common ones are:

  1. Poorly designed database schema. Most of the bottleneck in web applications are not actually due to the speed of the web framework nor the programming language, but begins at the database level.
  2. Poorly generated ActiveRecord queries. While ActiveRecord is great for abstracting away raw SQL, as your app grows and your database schema grows in complexity, you'll start to notice ActiveRecord generating some wonky and inefficient queries.
  3. Missing indexes. Most modern Rails apps do not suffer from this as rails database migrations auto-generate most of the required indexes for you, but your app could be running slowly due to missing indexes in your database schema.
  4. Inefficient code. Believe it or not, poorly written Ruby code can also be the source of bottleneck.
  5. And more...

There are endless reasons why your Rails app can be slow, but contrary to the popular belief that Rails is slow and doesn't scale, it doesn't have to be that way.

Pick the slowest part of your app. And we promise that we'll make it go fast, regardless of its complexity.

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