Custom Rails app development

Hi, thanks for landing on this page. I'm guessing that the reason you're here is because:

  1. You have an application that you want to build, but either aren't a developer yourself or you just want to hire an experienced team to build it, or...
  2. You have an existing Rails application and you want to bolster your team with experienced developers.

Whichever the case may be, me and my team can help.

Prices start at $2,500 per week per developer.

I realize that the pricing above is a big vague. Why not a custom quote per project? Well, the reason is because project requirements always change and it's difficult for us to give you a quote based on changing requirements.

Also, what I've found is that when we have a fixed rate per project, it's becomes a lose/lose scenario because the client loses the flexibility to make changes to the requirements as the app develops, and developers feel the need to cut corners on quality to meet deadlines. Thus, by having a weekly rate, we have a higher chance of delivering an application that meets client needs.

Each developer on our team is vetted and experienced, and can help you with your development needs.

Get in touch at Looking forward to working with you.